Over 10 Successful Years in Different Industries

The company owners are business professionals and have been leaders in various industries for over 10 years. They are proof that an efficient well-trained VA is big contributing factor for their business success.

The people behind the company are all experienced in assisting professionals in growing their business. The VA Hub is made up of individuals whose mission is to provide our clients with the services you need in order to be more efficient and productive in your business and to assist you in successfully achieving your business goals.

Quality Multi-skilled Virtual Assistants

We provide you with quality virtual assistant services, in a timeframe that works for you, with honesty, respect and integrity. The Team behind the VA Hub provides all-out support to their Virtual Assistants and Clients. Only here can you get a VA that can match the pace of your business.

We have an extensive filtering process to bring in only the best to be our partner Virtual Assistant and we ensure their excellence by providing them the best training program and an outstanding support team to assist them in providing quality output every time. This means that the VA you will hire will be supervised by our support team and will be provided with coaching and up-training depending on your business needs.

Lowest fixed rate of $8.81/hr for a full-time Multi-skilled Virtual Assistant

We will help you connect with the best Multi-skilled Virtual Assistants, carefully chosen and nurtured by trainers who know what works best for any business professional at the cheapest hourly rate available.

If your business is slow your VA can help you build an effective marketing and branding strategy. Once those leads start coming in that same VA can help you generate and manage those leads on whatever system you are using. Once those deals start piling up the very same VA can help you manage those offers and even help you with your transaction coordination. This is only one of many ways we provide high-end level Multi-skilled Virtual Assistant service to you all while paying the same low hourly rates you can afford.