About Us

The VA Hub started out as a vision. Before this we were in the exact same spot as you.

So we decided to hire a virtual assistant and we had the best working relationship with them built on trust. To grow our business we needed help when it comes to administrative work and our real estate business in general. After a few months we saw the value of having a good virtual assistant that could do more than just one role or one task at a time. We realized we wanted to share that experience with other professionals.

The VA Hub offers remote staff and virtual assistant services. We are the leading provider of high-functioning executive virtual assistants who can help you grow your business and keep things organized so you can run your business with ease.

Our Mission

The VA Hub’s mission is to improve the work-life balance of small to medium scale business owners from various niches and inspire other companies to constantly innovate effective and practical ways to make a positive impact on clients. We want to develop a secure and comprehensive network through collaborative planning, action, and policy advocacy.

We want to connect our clients with top-level virtual assistants and skilled workers that will be a crucial member of their team. We are created by professionals, for professionals. We want to remain as human as possible where clients can Do More. Work Less.

Our Vision

Revolutionize client-staff working relationship and establish a new model of Business to Business affiliation based on loyalty, security and reliability.