Medical Virtual Assistant

“Health is wealth” has never been more meaningful than in today’s current situation. With the entire world reeling from the effects of the COVID 19 outbreak, the call to help those who need non-life threatening medical care grew louder and louder until we could no longer stand by the sidelines.

The VA Hub’s medical virtual assistant service was established as our response to help hardworking physicians and dentists continuously provide healthcare to patients who could be anxious about going out of their homes for physical check-ups.

With the “put your own mask first” philosophy in mind, we believe that medical and dental professionals like yourself would be able to take care of patients more efficiently if you have someone taking care of the non-patient facing side of the practice.

Our team is committed to sourcing and training only the most qualified HIPAA-certified MedVAs with medical-related education and background. With a MedVA in your corner, you can worry less about EMR-documentation and other administrative tasks and focus your energy and time on your patients. You truly get to Do More. Work Less.

All of this for only half the cost of an in-house clinic assistant’s services and the lowest hourly rates.

Medical VA Roles

Real-time physician-patient charting
EMR-documentation during physical examination
Generate referral letters for fellow medical practitioners
Book appointments
Organize medical documents using your preferred EHR/EMR system

Maintain a smooth and efficient atmosphere for fielding phone calls
Answer patient inquiries
Schedule new and follow-up appointments
Register new patients
Update existing patient records
Correspond with insurance companies
Serve as a point of contact between clinic staff and patients

Communicate with patients
Schedule appointments
Electronic medical coding
Verify and file insurance eligibility and claims
Maintain and update patient records
Accounting and Billing
Handle prescription refills

Healthcare documentation specialist
Transcribe physician-patient audio interaction
Review and edit medical documents
Familiar with the use of speech recognition technology for transcription

Medical VA Services

Our highly trained Medical Virtual assistants can free you from time-consuming EMR-documentation, appointment scheduling, transcription, insurance verification, prescription management, and other administrative tasks so you can pour most of your efforts and time on hands-on patient activities.

We will only introduce you to candidates who have medical-related education and background so you wouldn’t need to worry about providing them intensive training. Our MedVAs appreciate the importance of protecting patient health information as they have completed the HIPAA training and certification before the selection process.

A modern hero like you deserves nothing but the best support and we assure you that your selected MedVA receives continuous guidance from The VA Hub’s competitive Management Team.